A Queensland pub

As I do not live in Australia myself, I am always on the lookout for Australian layouts that are based on Queensland. They can act as a good example for Queensland structures and scenery. A very interesting S scale (1:64) layout was exhibited at the Brisbane Model Train Show this year.

The pub on the Rosevale layout  
The layout is called Rosevale and is based on the south-east Division of Queensland Rail.  It is set somewhere in the 1950s and contains some great examples of Queensland buildings. I especially like the pub that is based on the Railway Hotel at Imbil and would love achieve this kind of atmosphere on my Koala Creek layout … which will certainly need to have one or more these  pubs on it … 
Watch this YouTube video, if you would like to see more of the Rosevale layout.

Koala Creek Chronicle – part 1

I started building my first structure for Koala Creek. It is based on a StructOrama kit and will house “The Koala Creek Chronicle”. As it is my first Structorama kit, I decided to write a review during the building process. Although the box itself looks like it had been printed in the seventies, the content of the box fortunately gives a different view.
It contains a sheet with instructions, clear plastic windows glazing, a bag of parts and a small sheet with transfers.

The Koala Creek Chronicle buiding

All the parts are made of the same kind of white translucent plastic and have already been removed from their sprues by the manufacturer. As these parts have only one colour, it looks more like a resin kit then an injection moulded one.

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