Reading up on things

By coincidence, the last two issues of Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review discuss WWI Light Railways modelling in 1:76 scale … or 4mm scale, as they say in the UK. Issue 89, contains a great article about two British WDLR locos being modelled by Alex Duckworth. The first one is  scratchbuilt 4-6-0t Baldwin with parts from the Five79 and GEM kits, while the second one is  the Dick Kerr petrol electric locomotive constructed from the new Meridian Models kit. Below the beautiful 4-6-0t Baldwin on 8mm gauge instead of 9mm gauge!

Scratchbuilt 4-6-0t Baldwin by Alex Duckworth

Issue 90 starts with the story of Willesden Junction, a 009 layout by Pete Wilson. This name was jokingly given by the British troops to a large WDLR transfer yard in Belgian Flanders during WWI. The layout gives a good impression of working conditions for the British operators of the War Department Light Railways during the 1914-18 conflict. A second article about Willesden Junction, focussing on the locos and their rolling stock, is expected in one of the following issues of The Review.

Willesden Junction by Pete Wilson