Testing, testing, …

Well, here it is … the first test print of the Jenbach. As always, I cleaned it with acetone and added a couple of layers of Tamiya primer. Once it had fully dried, I did a quick test fit on the Bachmann chassis and bumped into my first problem. The printed body fits nice and snug over the chassis, the air tanks however are a bit too wide to slide over the side frames.

img002 - first test print

So, I sawed them off and did another test fitting. As you can see from the image above it fits quite nice, but there are some issues with the 3D-print itself. First of all, the lower sides of the cabin are bent quite a bit. It’s a known issue with FUD from Shapeways, caused by the fact that they are thin and not supported. This can easily be corrected by making them a bit thicker, so I will change that. The second issue however is a bit more serious.

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Building a Jenbach

The Bundaberg-Jenbach was the first Australian built diesel locomotive being used for the sugar cane tramways.The Bundaberg Foundry built them under licence from Jenbacher Werke of Austria and was successful in selling two of them.The first locomotive was delivered to North Eton Sugar Mill in 1953 and the second in 1954.

jenbach - bachmann chassis

Bob Dow, a railway modeller from Brisbane, has a great construction article on his site of an HOn30 model of one these Jenbach locomotives. Being a lazy modeller myself, I decided to simplify things and started working on a 3D model. As with every model however, you first need to find a chassis and then base the model on the actual size of the chassis … trying it the other way around doesn’t really work.

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A quick update …

Just a quick update on my 3D-printing adventures … as mentioned, I ordered some additional parts from Shapeways. These were the parts for the 13 ton Shay that I previously ordered from printapart.com, as I wanted to see if they could meet that same level of quality. Unfortunately I hit a small bump in the road here. Most parts printed fine, except for the cabin of the Shay.

Oil burner side view

I ordered four of them from Shapeways and somehow the wall thickness turned out thinner than it should be. According to the 3D model, the wall thickness should be exactly 0.75 mm. Amongst the four printed copies of the Shay cabin, the wall thickness varies between 0.35 mm and 0.70 mm. I am not quite sure if this problem was caused by an issue during the upload of the STL-file or if it was an error with the printing process itself.

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It finally arrived!

As already mentioned in my previous post, Shapeways is now offering a new material called Frosted Ultra Detail … or better known as FUD in the Shapeways community. According to the specs sheet, FUD offers the same detailing possibilities as the material that was used by printapart.com. As a test, I placed a FUD order about a month ago …

shapeways order 01

Due to the overwhelming success of FUD, they unfortunately could not make the promised 10 working days for delivery … but what the hack, it finally arrived today! As you can see all parts arrived nicely packed in separate bags and the quality of the details are superb. The material itself has an icy look to it and is probably the reason why they call it Frosted. As for the parts that I have ordered, I believe that they came out very well.

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Long Time Comin’

For those of you who have been waiting for an update on my HOn30 Shay … this one has been a long time comin’. I have not been spending much time on it, because I am building a diorama of the Dutch Inlet Canning Company. I however also had issues with my 3D-printing service. First of all they increased the material cost and secondly they increased the shipping cost.


You can imagine that sending over test parts for fitting purposes, became a bit too expensive. Fortunately Shapeways, a well known 3D-printing service introduced a new high detail material just before Easter. They named this material Frosted Ultra Detail and the specs come very close to the material that was used by the old printing service. So I started designing parts for the Shay again … and will make them available online in the near future.