Cabin Fever

Time sure flies when you’re having fun … it’s already been two and half months , since my last post on the HOn30 Shay. I know that I have a couple of followers out there who are waiting for an update, so here we go …
Another set of parts arrived from Printapart last Friday and after a quick test-fit, I refitted the entire body to Shay version 0.2.

The HOn30 Shay with new parts and cabin

To start with, the diamond shaped smoke stack is now 1 mm taller and I remodelled some details on the headlights which did not print that well. I also remodelled the right-hand side by changing the height of the piston cover and by adding HO scale pistons. Furthermore, part of the N-scale piston cover has been hidden beneath a toolbox, making it less wide and giving it the look & feel of the original. And last, but not least … the little bugger finally received it’s cabin!

The cabin was designed and printed as one part … the backside is still missing though. This was done on purpose, as it allowed me to see wether the cabin fitted the shape of the boiler correctly. The boiler has a double curvature and it took quite some time to get the right shape for the cut-out at the frontside … but I believe I finally succeeded.
I must say that I am quite pleased with the overall shape of the model and started working on the bunker already. I will try to think of a way that allows for a coal, wood and oil bunker … something similar to the On30 Shay of Bachmann.