Shay version 0.1

All has cooled down now and I have been able do some work on the HOn30 Shay. First of all, I have changed the diamond stack to ensure a nice and sturdy fit. Secondly, I have modeled the headlight … it’s a bit larger than the ones on the Mapleton Shays, because it has been based on the headlight of the Joe Works Shay.

The HOn30 Shay with wholestick truck 
And last but not least, I have modeled the sides of the frame to fit the HOn30 profile. The parts have been ordered from Printapart again and they just arrived a couple of days ago. As you can see from the pictures in this post, I just couldn’t resist fitting them to the actual Atlas Shay body. I am quite pleased with the result already and both the diamond stack and the headlight will remain as they are.

The right-hand side of the frame will have to change however, as I am not too pleased about the shape and size of the cover of the pistons. The same applies to the pistons itself … but I have a couple of ideas to improve the overall look and started working on version 0.2 of the HOn30 Shay already.

Below a couple of additional pictures:

Frontview of the HOn30 Shay Frontview of the HOn30 Shay