It’s all for free!

Please note that I have removed the download pages for the mentioned parts, as they were hardly being used.

As part of my modelling efforts for Koala Creek, I have created several HOn30 parts. These parts have been modelled in 3D CAD software and have been exported to STL file format, allowing them to be printed by a 3D-printing service like The great thing about this way of modelling is that once the STL file has been created, one would be able to print an infinite amount of copies of a part.

3D printed wholestick trucks 3

I however do not believe that I will be needing that many parts for Koala Creek … nor do I have any intention of selling the parts commercially. So I decided to share my modelling efforts, by making the STL files of the parts available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

I know it sounds like a mouth full, but it basically means that you are allowed to share and adapt the files under the condition that they are:

  1. attributed to
  2. not used for commercial purposes
  3. distributed under the same license as this one, if they are adapted

I only offer them “as-is” … so there is no additional support and I will not make any alterations upon request. Furthermore I would like to note that the quality of the printed parts depends on the 3D-printing service that you choose. It all depends on the resolution of the printer and the printing materials that they use.

Making these 3D files available to all is a new concept and could be a great opportunity for HOn30 community, if other modellers would start sharing their 3D files too.  It would probably also be a good idea to give this kind of open source modelling a name, so I decided to call it FreeRail. More info about the concept and the available files can be found under the FreeRail menu item above. Have fun!

One thought on “It’s all for free!

  1. Excellent idea! I have some parts in-route from Print a Part and you have me thinking that I may join you in offering the .stl files for free download. Of course .. that partly depends on how well they were printed. Suppose I will find that out in a few days. I also uploaded some files to Shapeways. With the .008 resolution (think its their ‘Fine Detail’ plastic) I think that something like stone would probably work.

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