Without words …

I always try to focus on one project at a time, unfortunately I can not help myself to start thinking about the next one already …
My converted Shays will of course run on the tramway itself. I will however also need some engines for the Sugar Mill itself, so I started looking for information about the Fowlers that were operated by the Moreton Central Sugar Mill in Nambour.

Coolum at the Moreton Mill yard

That’s when I ran in to Peter Bruce’s Railfan Blog, with some great pictures of the daily operations at the Moreton Mill in 1962.
One of the pictures on his blog has the out of service Shay in the background … and Bruce even promises to show more pictures of the Shay in his next post … I am looking forward to that one!
I have added smaller versions of the pictures at the end of this post, just click on the link below to see them. The original and larger pictures can be found on Bruce’s Blog.

Moreton and the out of service Shay in the background

Coolum with empty wholestick trucks

Petrie running across the intersection of Currie Street

Eudlo at the intersection of Currie and Howard Street

Eudlo with loaded wholestick trucks

Doubleheading at the Moreton Mill Yard

Coolum and Moreton