Wow, that’s quick …

About nine days ago I place my second order of 3D-printed parts at and it just arrived this afternoon … wow, that’s really quick and what a great service.
The order consists of two wholestick trucks, that have been based on the models made by Greg Stephenson. I still needed to add more details like a winch and the nuts & bolts, but ordered a couple of them already to see if they would fit the little Roco chassis.

3D-Printed wholestick trucks
As you can see from the picture above and the ones at the end of this post, it is a perfect fit. It simply slides on without having to cut-off any parts and it does not require any glue. Furthermore, I have added four holes for the vertical corner posts, which can be made of  square (1×1 mm) brass or styrene.

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It finally arrived!

Two weeks ago, I modelled and ordered the diamond shaped smoke stack for my Shay. After some delay due to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano, it finally arrived today.
I must say that I am very pleased about the result and the picture below does not really do it justice.

The Diamond Stack from

The material at the top of the of the smoke stack is quite thin (about 0.25 mm) and due to the fact that the 3D-printing material is translucent, the quality of the part is not fully visible in the picture … probably best to spray it with some Tamiya primer on of these days and to shoot another picture.
I however believe that I have found a great method to model an HOn30 “Class A” Shay and will proceed to model more parts for this model the coming months!

A virtual smoke stack

Just a quick update on my 3D-modelling efforts. For the last couple of days, I have played around with CoCreate Modelling Personal Edition and have tried to create my first virtual model. I tested it with the easiest part, the Diamond Stack of the Shay.

3D model of the Diamond Stack of the Shay 
It should fit the base of the smoke stack on the body of the Atlas Shay … unless I did not measure it correctlyof course … 
The shape has been based on the Diamond Stack of the Joe Works “Class A”  Shay, but it could be that I have to adjust it later on to fit the spark arrestor. Yesterday I uploaded the STL-file of the model to the site of and placed an order with them. Curious to see what will be delivered to my house one of these weeks!