It finally arrived!

As already mentioned in my previous post, Shapeways is now offering a new material called Frosted Ultra Detail … or better known as FUD in the Shapeways community. According to the specs sheet, FUD offers the same detailing possibilities as the material that was used by As a test, I placed a FUD order about a month ago …

shapeways order 01

Due to the overwhelming success of FUD, they unfortunately could not make the promised 10 working days for delivery … but what the hack, it finally arrived today! As you can see all parts arrived nicely packed in separate bags and the quality of the details are superb. The material itself has an icy look to it and is probably the reason why they call it Frosted. As for the parts that I have ordered, I believe that they came out very well.

First of the part that I designed for the Wholestick Cane Trucks. Please note that it only measures 23 x 32 x 4 mm!

shapeways order 02

And secondly a newly designed part that can be used to complete the HOn30 Shay, which is based on the Atlas N scale model.

shapeways order 03

I of course could not resist trying to fit it on my Shay … and isn’t she a beauty?

shay bunker

All in all, the first results from Shapeways are quite promising, but let’s wait and see what the future brings, as I ordered some additional parts.