The Dutch Inlet Canning Co.

Man, I just noticed that my last post was over three months ago … way too long. So what have I been up to since the end of November last year? As mentioned last time, I decided to enter the diorama contest of Eurospoor 2011. I finalised the design of the layout (which you can find at the end of this post) and finished my first Craftsman kit.


The Moose Air Lines cabin is based on the Dill’s Market by American Model Builders Inc.. I changed the paint scheme and have replace the standard roofing with corrugated metal roofing made by Rusty Stumps Scale Models. It’s great stuff that I will surely use for the structures on the Koala Creek layout.
I’ve now started working on the first building of the cannery , which will be based on the  Whalen Apiaries kit van Fos Scale Models.

Below the design of the the Dutch Inlet Canning Co. layout.